Grace Filled Opportunities – after Brexit.

Read Prophesies in Isaiah 66:7-10; Haggai 2:1-9

The referendum happened while we were on holiday in Switzerland and through a postal vote I had, like the majority of people in London and the SouthEast of England, voted to remain. This was primarily because I felt it was good thing for the world to become more and more connected, rather than less, and because I considered that the persons  most affected would be those who are already poor and struggling.  However, I prayed that God’s will be done, and since I know that God has the bigger picture and always answers prayers, both for individuals and Nations, in relation to the on-going narrative of His relationship with us in the building of His Kingdom on earth, I now accept Brexit as His will for us, and that it presents us with a grace filled opportunity.

 The history of Israel shows that they were a nation that enjoyed special privileges from God.  We have been born into a privileged Nation that was preserved from the annihilation threatened by the 20th Century world wars. We as a Nation have been blessed over many generations. Never was a generation entrusted with so much as ours and, therefore, never was a generation so answerable to God. And yet, if we are honest with ourselves, we have to agree that Paul’s remonstrations to the Corinthians, recorded in chapter 10 of his first letter to them, could equally apply to us. They failed miserably to live up to the expectations of a people favoured by God. Special privilege Paul reminds the Corinthians is no guarantee whatsoever of security.

It can be argued that the overall dynamic of God’s creation depends on everything in life, and indeed the universe, remaining connected and playing its part in the overall ongoing narrative of God’s creation. When something goes off at a tangent and ceases to be part of the whole it tends to invite disaster or to disappear and be replaced. This as I mentioned earlier was why I originally voted to remain. Perhaps this is what those who voted to remain fear. However, I have been led to see that in God’s building of the kingdom of God on earth this may not always be true. If a nation remains connected to an organisation that clearly does not recognise and therefore operate under God’s guidance or at worst act against it, then God may move to rescue it. But for a purpose!

This is not without precedent in the narrative of God’s relationship with his people. God’s people were joined to Egypt in slavery and had to be brought out of that situation to create a new nation. Israel was joined to Babylon in Exile, many taking advantage of their new status and building careers and identity with their new masters. They were expected to be obedient servants to conform to the religions, philosophy and laws of their new masters. In this God was not able use them in building the kingdom of God. God now moved and brought them out of that servitude in a sudden decisive move so that the Nation of Israel could be reborn and become servants of the most high God, extending the narrative of God’s kingdom on earth. This was prophesied in Isa. 66 is equally relevant to recent events currently taking place in the UK.

Since the end of the Second World War we as a nation have drifted more and more away from God, and our linkage with Europe, albeit with many sociological and economic advantages, has proved to be one of servitude to Europe’s vision in which we as a Nation would be subsumed in a United States of Europe. We would be subservient and ultimately subject to a positively Godless Constitution replacing our present constitution based on the Magna Carta, which forms the basis of our laws, culture and way of life but where everything is subject to the sovereignty of God.

As a nation of individuals we once bore much fruit and proclaimed the love of God throughout the world.  Having drifted away and turned our back on God in developing a culture which emphasises and values self-seeking rather than God seeking we have now been given a second chance.

It is always Jesus’ way to give a man chance after chance. Peter, Mark and Paul would all gladly have witnessed to that. God is infinitely kind to the man who falls and rises again. You and I will always be given another chance – I pray that we will take up that chance and turn back to God in repentance, affirming that we will be obedient to and move in His will alone. Nations are built of individuals and likewise God also wants to give nations second or even third and fourth chances, but we as a nation must turn away from our self-seeking, and the ‘me for me and you for me’ culture and become God seeking! Otherwise we are rebelling against the heritage that made us who we are, as individuals and a nation, and moving away from our Christian culture into a future in which we will struggle to survive!

If as a nation we do not turn toward God, if as a nation of individuals, we rebel against God then we are not bearing the fruit that we once had. If we do not take advantage of this new beginning we will be rendering ourselves useless in the kingdom of God and at risk of being cut down!

I now believe that Brexit is God ordained and that we as a Nation are freed to once again take advantage of the Grace filled opportunities that are now before us. We are purposed with the task of extending God’s kingdom so that his will is done on earth as it is in heaven.

All God seeking members of this Nation must plead with God to reveal himself in a New way. A new way full of grace filled opportunities. And God says to us, as he said to the leaders of the New House through Haggai long ago. ‘Be strong all you people of the land, and work. For I am with you.’

I predict that over the months and years ahead we will see Brexit as a mighty move of God, confirmed by signs and wonders and revival on a scale hitherto not experienced.

There are exciting times ahead!





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