Life Will Never Be The Same Again.

So we are locked down for more weeks. We are getting used to a new way of living; social distancing, being disciplined in washing hands , learning to live together in greater harmony and more tolerance of each other’s little idiosyncrasies. Perhaps, like me, you have also noticed how much cleaner the air is and how many more stars can be seen at night. The birds seem tamer and wild-life venturing closer to our homes. Your world, my world, our world has changed. It may never be the same again. There is a growing awareness that we need to take this opportunity to re-think our values and what is important to us. A culture moving toward family, unselfishness, and care for the environment seem to be on the ascendancy. A significant number of people do not want to return to way things were pre- covid.

In the midst of tragedy and fear more are seeking answer to the questions like, “What is my life all about?” “There must be more to life than this?” “Why are we here?” “Is there life beyond life?” “Where do we go from here?” That may be some of the questions the disciples were asking so lets’ read about the events in John 20:19-23.

The disciples of Jesus were despondent and fearful and probably disappointed as they saw who they thought was there saviour dying on the cross. Of course Peter, the rock, had denied him three times and felt not only fear but shame.  After Jesus died on the cross they went into Lock Down for fear of the Jews. This was even after Mary had told them that Jesus was alive and had risen from the dead. This should have been a source of joy in the realisation that Jesus had defeated death and on our behalf had heralded in an assurance of life beyond life in a new eternal kingdom; and that their lives in this world would never be the same again, with a new way of living. However, they did not believe Mary and we find them hidden away fearful and depressed, vulnerable and hopeless. Perhaps they were discussing, “Where do we go from here?”

Maybe, during this time of lockdown, as covid seeks us out, you are fearful, depressed and feeling vulnerable, hopeless and lost.

Suddenly something wonderful happened in that upper room. Jesus appeared in their midst. He quelled their troubled minds and answered all their questions giving them peace and filling them with joy. He breathed on them the gift of the Holy Spirit.

From this moment on things would never be the same again. They were given a new beginning, new values, new hope, new empowerment, new authority and new adventure as they were sent out to spread the good news that Jesus was alive and the assurance of eternal life for all who believe in him. If you are not sure of the resurrection of Jesus then research the evidence. A good start is ‘Who Moved the Stone’ by Frank Morison  an investigative  journalist who wanted to disprove the resurrection.

As we live our lives in lockdown we can be assured that He is with us, He is seeking us out, if you have not yet found him why not open your heart to find him, He will respond, for his greatest desire is for you to allow him to enter your life to receive his love and all that entails in giving you forgiveness, peace, and all the gifts that those disciples received in the upper room through the ministration of the Holy Spirit.

Your life will never be the same again!


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