Jn. 1:1-5; Ephes. 1:13-14

This year has been very difficult and Christmas Day has been suddenly stunted as a result of the
curse of Covid 19. And some have said that the virus has stolen the joy of Christmas; that the light of
Christmas has dimmed. But has it?
Maybe our celebration of Christmas this year is different, but the
true meaning of Christmas has not changed. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that occurred on
the 21st producing a brilliance not seen for 800 years can remind us that on Christmas day some two
millennia ago the
Light of the World was born who came to destroy the darkness with a light that
can never be dimmed.

One Christmas present I had was a torch and it took me back to a time 54 years ago, to the eve of my
marriage to Heidi in a small Tanzanian village called Vwawa. I had to travel to stay with Heidi’s
neighbour 4 miles away over dirt roads in the middle of a ‘cloudburst’ in pitch darkness. I got lost
and stuck in the mud! However, after an hour the neighbour came to find us with his tractor. Seeing
the lights from his tractor coming to the rescue drove away the menace of the darkness, lifted my
spirits and gave me hope; and saved my marriage!

This brings me to Jn. 1:4 ‘In him was life, and that life was the light of men’ Jesus came to live
among us to drive away the menace of darkness, he said ‘“I have come into the world as a light, so
that no-one who believes in me should stay in darkness.”’
Jn. 12:46. The light Jesus brings is the
light which puts chaos to flight. In the creation story God moved upon the dark, formless chaos
which was before the world began and said “Let there be light.” Gen.1:3. The new created light of
God routed the empty chaos into which it came. So Jesus “is the light which shines in the
He is the person who can save life from becoming a chaos. This light can be in you
and I for when we allow the gift of that light to shine in our lives we become children of the light
Jesus said, ‘“Put your trust in the light while you have it, so that you may become sons of light.”’Jn.

Does your life seem in chaos at the moment, are you fearful of the darkness that 2021 may hold?
Then bathe yourself in the light of Christ for he is your present salvation and hope for the future.

When Jesus dawns in your life light comes. Stuck out there in the African bush I was lost, I needed a
guide and somebody to show the way. The light which Jesus brings is a guiding light. Without a
guiding light I was stuck in the darkness and lost until that tractor appeared to show the way with a
bright light to guide us along the road. If a man does not possess the light of Christ he walks in
darkness and does not know where he is going. One of the features that strikes me when I read the
Gospel stories are the many times people come running to Jesus asking “What am I to do?” When
Jesus comes into our lives the time for guessing and groping in the dark is ended, the time of doubt,
uncertainty and vacillation is over. The path that was dark becomes light; the decision that was
wrapped in a night of uncertainty is illuminated. Without Jesus we are like I was on that unknown
road in a storm and in total darkness. With him the way is clear. With him we can be freed from our
present fears, and just as I had hope when I saw that light, with the light of Jesus in our lives we have
hope for the future, with him we have hope for eternity. The light of Jesus brings hope to the lives of
all who believe. I want to ask you a question: Do you really know the hope to which he has called
The hope that comes from faith in the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and enables us to
experience Gods love and forgiveness and look forward to an eternal life bathed in His light. We who
have that faith and hope, Paul tells us are marked with the seal of the Holy Spirit, guaranteeing a
life that’s in Christ while we sojourn through this world, and with Christ in eternity; all for the
praise of his glory. Ephes: 13-14.
For hope must replace despair before we can praise his glory.

Christmas is most of all a time of when our hearts are enlightened with hope of life which Jesus brings us. If you are in darkness, lost, afraid, perhaps you or a loved one is sick or in despair and unable to look forward; if your life is in freefall heading into chaos, if you are in need of the light of Jesus in your life, or in need of more hope then just turn to Jesus in prayer; give him access to your heart and receive his


3 thoughts on “THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD

  1. Celia Ford says:

    How encouraging Rodney…and thank God you made it to your wedding! I’ve missed your humourous stories too and remember our days in the home group with much gratitude. Celiax


  2. Luana Al-Hall says:

    Thankyou so much for this Rodney I will share this message of truth + pass it on+ I loved hearing about those testimonies. Praise Jesus The Light Of The World. I believe + sense He is speaking about His Light in a prophetic sense for 2021 so your Christmas message confirms it for me + I will be sharing it with Healing Rooms as encouragement. God Bless you + yours!


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