Group Study on Paul’s Letter to the Thessalonians

Hi This is an open invitation to anyone in the world who is interested or just curious you to join a a group study on Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians which is starting on Zoom next Tuesday evening and will be led by myself but overseen by the Rev. Chris Simmons, Founder of the Brighton Vineyard Church.

See details below: Paul spent only 3 weeks in planting the church in Thessalonica. This was because this short time he was so successful that the Jews were enraged and sought to take his life so that he had to be smuggled out of the town. Paul knew, for reasons that will become evident in the study, that the establishment of Christianity in Thessalonica was crucial to the establishment of Christianity as a world religion. Paul is worried that three weeks may not be enough to do this. But his prayers were answered. Hence his letters. Come and join the group to explore and unpack these letters that resonate with us today. 10 weekly sessions starting Tuesday April 20th 7-9pm. You will be required to engage for 5 days each week with a short but substantive study of a section with reflective questions for self-examination from the book: ‘Letters to the Thessalonians’ by Matt O’Reilly [ISBN 978-1-62824-745-9]. Which you will need to purchase. Available from Book Depository.

We then gather on the Tuesday for group discussion.

All are welcome. There is no entry fee just register by texting +44 07999 289261.


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